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Posted on: 26 May 2016 by John
A sampling of StoryRope tags from The Great Journey of a Lifetime

It's hard to say what I have learned from all this, but I have noticed a certain ease I have begun to experience in my daily life.
• Philip Glass, 77 · 2014

There is no doubt in my mind that I have found out how (at 40) to say something in my own voice; and that interests me so that I feel I can go ahead without praise.
• Virginia Woolf, 40 · 1922

I am getting old—going on 14. I get to feeling rather old when I recollect that in a very few years I must be earning my own living.
• Marion Taylor, 13 · 1915

You have probably forgotten the sad young fool who bid you farewell on the cloudy morning of the 23rd, but he, a victim of youth's idealism, has not forgotten you. You are hard to forget.
• Robert Kroetsch, 20 · 1947

aaah ooouah eeeaaaah yaaaaaah…
• Gabriel Aurél Rose Sarkozy, 8 months · 2015

I learned a lot during the period of her illness. As my mother told me one day before she went into the hospital for the first time, "You may not always hear me, but you will always feel my answer."
• Lori, 15 · 2013

I am afraid of getting older. I am afraid of getting married. Spare me from cooking three meals a day—spare me from the relentless cage of routine and rote.
• Sylvia Plath, 17 · 1949

I'm just not the least bit concerned with being 99. I don't like old people. I don't think about it. Yes, you can say I'm 99. I'm not 99 to me. I don't know what age I am to me. This bundle of energy that I am… Interested in being honest, interested in bringing beauty into the world, interested in helping suffering in the world. That is the bundle of what I am.
• Beatrice Wood, 99 · 1992

I became hardened in the way doctors have to become hardened, but now I am reaching the end of my career this detachment has started to fade.
• Henry Marsh, 63 · 2013

I've always been a rebel. I refuse to give up.
• Patricia Goss, 95 · 2015

Dance tunes are always right: I love you body and soul—and I suppose body means that I want to touch you and be in bed with you, and I suppose soul means that I can hear you and see you and love you in every single, single thing in the whole world asleep or awake.
• Dylan Thomas, 22 · 1936

We arrived here on the 12th of February and should be on the front line until the 30th of March. That's a long time to live in a trench looking out on to a few trees, razor wire and loads of dirt. The dust here is crazy.
• Shane Brennan, 28 · 2002

Why should any of these boys die, sometimes it seems to me that they are the lucky ones and that we who are left behind are the ones who are unhappy and lonely. Practically all my friends have gone now…
• Joan Hatfield, 24 · 1944

• Emilie Shipman, 1 · 1981

Tullius to his wife, and her father to his dearest daughter, and Cicero to his mother and sister, sends warm greetings. I think, my darlings, you should carefully consider and reconsider whether to stay in Rome...
• Marcus Tullius Cicero, 57 · 49 BC

I ask nothing—I have placed myself before you to be judged as a woman whether I deserve your pity or contempt—I have another object in view—it is to come to you just as I am a poor Slave Mother—not to tell you what I have heard but what I have seen…
• Harriet A. Jacobs, 44 · 1857

So again tonight—I don't know if it's woman or little girl—I am mostly both—I want to put my arms around you—kiss you—let you kiss me—It's all very quiet— what I want is very quiet—It's great to trust anyone enough to let them kiss you.
• Georgia O'Keeffe, 30 · 1917