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Posted on: 11 October 2017 by John

« Every year, this wonderful space is completely transformed, and every time it is a delight. It is amazing how even the most mundane tasks can draw out such emotion when examined in a new setting. I am reminded of my grandparent's kitchen, meals and play from so long ago... My mother always said sweeping made her happy and satisfied. For me it's cleaning the pantry shelves—love that! My mother’s meditation is ironing... »

« Who knew household chores could be so alluring! I felt like I was able to quiet down and get in touch with myself... Thank you for having us for dinner. The tea was delightful. I hung some of young Charlie's laundry. I hope you don't mind... Love, love, love your exhibitions. Cookies—5 stars. Mending station—4 1/2 stars. Setting table—4 1/2 stars. Recycling throw—5 stars. Sorting station—4 stars. Kitchens—4 stars... Love the library section, the plate settings and the clothes hanging... Loved...teaching my kids to sew... Loved the smell of the cookies baking, the clothesline and the attention to the labours of the home, all its traditions, ???, and pleasures... »

« I want to fill my dining table with water, hang the recycling, and toss the laundry—all the while eating cookies from now on... I love your work—it not only smells good, but I can relate to it... This was the most interactive of the nine installations that we went to... Every year is so much fun, but this year was my favourite... This is what Nuit Blanche should be more like—a way to engage your community in quirky fun... Nuit Blanche's hidden gem... My little guy loved it... »

«  Thank you volunteers. We come here every year and it never disappoints. »

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